Stay hydrated by tracking your daily water intake

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Simple to Use App

Tap one button to add water and another to remove. Track beverages besides water using the third button. Track on your Apple Watch for even more simplicity.

Apple Watch Support

Track on your Apple Watch, iPhone, or iPad seamlessly. Tracking via the Apple Watch makes this app even easier to use and it syncs autmatically with your iPhone app.

Multiple Beverages

You can track beverages other than water that may have a hydration impact than water. Our app autmatically takes care of that for you to make sure your hydration is accurate.

Create Drinks and Volumes

Create your own custom drinks if they are not included in our list of popular ones. Use our custom entry field or even create custom drink volumes for faster and easier entry.

Calcuates Your Daily Intake

Thirsty calculates your recommended daily intake of water based on your Age, Height, Weight, Gender and activity levels so that you can acheive optimal hydration.

Drink History & Statistics

View your drink history and see your hydration progress using our interactive charts and table views.

Reminders to Drink Water

Thirsty will remind you to drink water throughout the day so that you do not forget, allowing you to stay hydrated.

Health Kit Integration

Thirsty includes the option to integrate with Apple HealthKit to read information to calculate your daily water intake and save it to Apple Health.

Metric or Imperial

Thirsty provides the ability to use imperial or metric measuring systems for weight, height, and water units. So you can use whatever measuring units you are comfortable with.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  What is Thirsty App?

The Thirsty App turns your Apple devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) into an affordable, reliable, and easy to use water tracking device. Thirsty will first calcualte your optimal daily water intake based on your Age, Height, Weight, Gender, and Activity level. Then you can easily track your water intake and get reminders to ensure you drink enough water throughout the day.

  What Devices are Supported?

Thirsty App works on Apple devices (iPod, iPad, and iPhone) running iOS 13 or newer. Thirsty also provides an Apple Watch app so that you can track on your wrist as well!

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